Dreamworks Animated Film ‘Abominable’ Gets Banned in Malaysia Over Scene Depicting Map of South China Sea

We’ve learned (via ABS-CBN) that the Dreamworks film Abominable has been banned from release in Malaysia.

The movie has been barred from release in the region due to depictions of the South China Sea map, where both China and neighboring countries claim certain areas and tracts of land.

More specifically, the map shows Beijing’s disputed claims in the South China Sea. The scene shows the “nine-dash” line, which outlines Beijing’s claims to the flashpoint waters in the sea. The Malaysian film censorship board said that the movie could be shown, if the scene is removed.

DreamWorks and China’s Pearl Studio have refused to remove the scene in question in the movie, thus preventing its ability to be aired in the areas where the map is centered on.

The movie was released in Vietnam a few days ago, only to be removed and banned after the movie theater franchise CGV (which operates them) were notified of the scene, and decided to pull it from the screens.



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