Irodori Comics Launches Irodori Aqua Label for Non-Erotic Doujinshi Localization

Irodori Comics has announced they will soon begin to publish non-erotic doujinshi manga, under their new Irodori Aqua label.

The press release states Irodori Aqua will publish Japanese doujinshi manga (independently produced manga) in English via e-books on Amazon Kindle. This will start December 14th, and later on comiXology in Early 2020.

Confirmed titles for launch (and available for pre-order on Amazon) include:

Each will cost from $3.99 to $6.99.

Further, Irodori Aqua plans to release at least one new manga every week on Amazon, with works by Hiroyuki, Yamato Nadeshiko, Yano Toshinori, Yoimachi Meme, and Yuuki Satou.

Those confirmed so far include Angel Girl (Hiroyuki), Kawazoko Gentou volumes 1 through 5 (Yoimachi Meme), Raincoat Kids and the Phantom Amusement Park (Yoimachi Meme), Love Letter for My Love Then and Now (Yuuki Satou), Marry Me When I’m Older! (Yuki Satou), No Guard Wife volumes 1 through 3 (Yano Toshinori), and My Wife is an Oni (Yamato Nadeshiko).

A new twitter account for Irodori Aqua is also live, aiming to “raise awareness on non-erotic doujinshi in the manga industry, and change perceptions on doujinshi as only being adult-oriented or parody works.”

You can find the run-down on the above titles below:

Two-Timing Fair and Square

Romance, Comedy

Naoya was confessed to by a cute girl. Unfortunately for him, he already has a girlfriend; but for some
reason, he can’t find it in him to turn the girl down. And so he heads over to his girlfriend, Saki, to ask for permission to two-time on her. One thing leads to another, and in a single day, Naoya finds himself nestled in bed with two girls: one reluctant to play along with the farce, and the other happy enough to be able to be with him despite the ridiculous setup. It’s a crazy romcom that is bound to leave you in stitches!

This work was originally released during Comic Market 96 (August 2019) as a compilation release of several promotional shorts released via Twitter throughout the year.

Of Girls, Love, and Money

Romance, Comedy, Yuri, LGBTQ

There are some couples in Japan that engage in a “monetary” relationship, where one party financially supports the other. Although this is usually between a young woman and an older man, Of Girls, Love, and Money features two girls in high school — Miho and Sachiko — doing just that. Miho plays the diligent breadwinner as a part-time manga artist, while Sachiko does what she does best: burning $1,000 on gacha games and basically leeching off of Miho. But in the end, Miho does what she does because she loves Sachiko, making for moments of nuanced seriousness amidst a torrent of endless randomness from the unhinged Sachiko.

Hiroyuki admits that this is his first time creating a yuri work featuring a lesbian and a bisexual, and that he would likely make a continuation if time permits. There is currently only one volume of this work available, and although it’s short, it’s a fun read that we hope to see more of down the line!

Raincoat Kids and the Splish-Splash City

“Take Shizu and meet Dad in Tokyo.”

A cryptic message scratched on to the bottom of a lamp illuminated by mystical fireflies; a world of constant rain that submerges cities in an everchanging tide. This is the post-apocalyptic water world that Minato must wade through in order to bring his little sister, Shizu, to meet their dad. Joining them is self-appointed bodyguard Toka, who with the aid of his light-infused umbrella, fights alongside the two to banish the dark forces that seemingly thwart their efforts to reach their destination.




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