Type-Moon Comic Ace Website to Add Three New Free Fate/Grand Order Manga

Type-Moon, Kadokawa and the Type-Moon Comic Ace website have announced it will launch three new Fate/Grand Order manga, when the latter website launches December 20th.

The Type-Moon Comic Ace website will allow reads to read several manga from the Fate series and more for free. Among these manga will be three new Fate/Grand Order manga.

The website (and Comic Natalie) state that the first of these will be Fate/type Redline by Ryoji Hirano (Bozebeats), a remake of Keikenchi’s Koha Ace GO Teito Seihai Kita.

The 2015 original was a comedy spinoff set in 1945, with agents of the Imperial Japanese Army, the Church, and the Third Reich (and their Servants) pursuing the Holy Grail.

The second will be Fate/Grand Order From Lostbelt by Nakatani, an anthology based on the Crypters from the Fate/Grand Order smartphone game’s Lostbelt storyline.

Finally, the third manga will be Fate/Grand Order Eirei Shokubunroku by Makoto Tokoma. The story’s focus seems to be quite light-hearted, with Fujimura and Mash trying out various recipes from across history.

You can find the preview image for all three mangas below.

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