Free Retro Anime Streaming Website RetroCrush Launches


RetroCrush has launched, a streaming service providing free anime from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

The news comes via IGN, sharing the launch of the service, described as “devoted to streaming classic anime TV and movies, including more than 100 series and 40 features at launch.”

Entirely free (with adverts) the streaming service was created by Will Chao, and Mary Gibson. Selin Kilic, and John Stack provided “acquisitions support.”

Chao explains “What makes this channel exciting is its focus on shows that have exhibited an influence on the creation of the current crop of hit anime series.”

“As a longtime anime devotee,” Gibson added, “I’m always uncovering classic series that are as fun and exciting as many of my current favorites, and we’re eager to share those shows so that other fans can discover them too.”

David Chu (the CEO of Digital Media Rights, the publisher of RetroCrush) states that “via our distribution partnerships, we are able to provide classic anime fans with a vast library of the best series and films available in the world today. The launch of RetroCrush further cements our company’s leadership position in the classic anime genre.”

You can find the launch trailer below.

You can find some of the available shows (via IGN below).

Devil Lady (TV series, 26 episodes) – A supermodel attacked by a monster which brings her inner devil out is recruited by a secret government agency to help them fight the demonic forces that secretly threaten Japan and the world.

Creamy Mami (TV series, 52 episodes) – In this anime classic, ordinary schoolgirl Yuu Morisawa leads a double life as the magical singer Creamy Mami.

Magical Emi, the Magical Star (TV series, 38 episodes) – Elementary student Kozuki Mai is eager (but too young) to be a magician and perform in her family’s magic act. But a magical encounter gives her the power to turn into the 18-year-old magician “Magical Emi.”

Persia, the Magical Fairy (TV series, 48 episodes) – 11-year-old Persia grows up among the animals of the Serengeti in Africa. Returning to Japan with her family, she is summoned to “Lovely Dream,” the land where dreams are born and grow, to help become its protector.

Pastel Yumi, the Magical Idol (TV series, 25 episodes) – Gifted with a magic cane and pendant by flower fairies, schoolgirl Yumi can now summon anything she draws with the cane into reality. But her mischievous nature has a way of getting her into trouble sometimes.

Cybersix – A genetically engineered super-soldier, one of the creations of the former Nazi Dr. Von Reichter’s diabolic experiments, rebels against her creator and vow to protect the world from his evil creations.

Cat’s Eye – The three Kisugi sisters rob art galleries as the smart and mysterious thief “Cat’s Eye” in the hope that their artist father’s works can give them clues about his mysterious vanishing.

Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer – In this movie sequel to the beloved ’80s anime series, teen alien Lum and her earthling friends find themselves stuck reliving the same day over and over. Directed by Mamoru Oshii (GHOST IN THE SHELL).

Black Jack: The Movie – A genius (but unlicensed) surgeon specializes in super-powered mutant medical cases, uncovering a dark conspiracy along the way, in this movie adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s legendary manga.

Golgo 13: The Movie – This action-packed anime tells the story of a hitman who becomes the target of American soldiers and superhuman killers after killing the son of a powerful oil tycoon.

Arcadia of My Youth – Returning to Earth from the front lines of an interstellar war, Captain Harlock finds that his home has been occupied by an oppressive alien species, The Illumidus Empire.

Galaxy Express 999 – The adventures of a brave young boy who travels from planet to planet in a determined quest to avenge his mother’s death.

Space Adventure Cobra – Based on Buichi Terasawa’s 1978 manga Cobra, specifically on Cobra’s involvement with the Royal Sisters, and his fight against Crystal Boy, which was the first major arc of the manga.

RetroCrush is available via the official website, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Smart TV devices.

Image: IGN

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