20th Anniversary Muv-Luv Alternative Anime Teaser Revealed

Muv-Luv Alternative, the sequel to Muv-Luv, is receiving an anime series as revealed during the 20th Anniversary of the series.

While the original Muv-Luv game came out in 2003 by developer age, it was originally an adult romantic-comedy game. It was not until Muv-Luv Unlimited and Muv-Luv Alternative that the series suddenly shifted gears to becoming a sci-fi mecha story.

Muv-Luv and its sequels follows Takeru Shirogane, a hapless hentai protagonist who has to choose between his childhood friend Sumika Kagami, and a strange heiress named Meiya Mitsurugi who claims to love him.

Meanwhile he tries to recall a memory of long ago, when he made a childhood promise to marry someone but cannot recall exactly who it was.

In Muv-Luv Unlimited, Takeru suddenly wakes up in an alternate reality where aliens called BETAs (“Beings of Extra Terrestrial origin which are Adversary of the human race”) have wiped out nearly two-thirds of humanity. He learns that this reality’s version of him is dead, and Sumika is nowhere to be found.

In Muv-Luv Alternative, Takeru again wakes up to strange circumstances. He is still in the reality of Muv-Luv Unlimited, but this time in the past. Using his foreknowledge he tries to change the future for the betterment of humanity. This means activating a mysterious event called the Unlimited IV.

You can watch the trailer on the 20th Anniversary Stream at about the 2:34:16 mark (embedding has been disabled).

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