Neon Genesis Evangelion Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Coming 2021

Neon Genesis Evangelion Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray

An Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray of the iconic Neon Genesis Evangelion has been announced, the first time a new Ultimate Edition will be in print for over a decade.

Previous “Ultimate” editions of the series on DVD have been out of print for over a decade. Now, All the Anime have announced that the Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray will be launching next year. This will contain all 26 original episodes, and two movies: The End of Evangelion and Neon Genesis Evangelion Death (true)².

Hideaki Anno psychological anime began in 1995, set 15 years after a worldwide cataclysm. Now, Gendo commands his son Shinji to join Nerv, and pilot the Evangelion to fight against Angels. While uncovering more behind the Angels and Nerv, few are untouched by the revelations, and their own issues.

More details on the Ultimate Edition will come later.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray launches in 2021.

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