Voice Actors Tomoaki Maeno and Mikako Komatsu Announce Their Marriage

Voice actors Tomoaki Maeno and Mikako Komatsu announced their marriage through their respective talent agencies.

The news comes via Oricon News. Tomoaki Maeno had this to say about their marriage:

“I am pleased to report that I, Tomoaki Maeno, has married Mikako Komatsu.” “I’m a person who can be highly respected both humanly and as an actor, I have been and have been fortunately supported by many people, and fortunately I have been fortunate to have a lot of relationships with many works and characters. I will continue to earnestly thank all of us and continue to work diligently on each and every job. We are still immature, but I look forward to your continued support. “

Translation: Google Translate.

According to MyAnimeList, the pair have worked together on multiple titles in the past; including Dr. Stone, Fairy Gone, and ClassicaLoid. Independently each of them have enjoyed successful careers.

Tomoaki Maeno has had notables roles as Junichi Tachibana in the Amagami SS series, and as the White Blood Cell U-1146 in Cells At Work; the latter of which recently announced their second season and a spinoff series.

Mikako Komatsu’s notable roles include Yume from Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Marika Katou from Bodacious Space Pirates, and she will be voicing the titular character in the upcoming series Arte. Arte is about an Italian noblewoman who leaves home to become an artist. Mikako Komatsu was also formerly a part of the idol group Imouto.



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