My Hero Academia Bakugo Voice Actor Nobuhiko Okamoto Recovering After Successful Surgery

Voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto, who is known recently for his work as Katsuki Bakugo on My Hero Academia, is currently recovering from a recent surgery.

As previously reported, Okamoto recently entered surgery around the beginning of the month. According to his personal blog, it was due to discomfort caused by scar tissue in his throat; unrelated to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In a new blog post, Okamoto confirms that the surgery is successful, and that he will be taking it easy while he recovers. In his post, he reassures fans that he is fine and thanks them for their comments.

He also takes the time to explain that his gameplay videos of Animal Crossing: New Horizons from before his surgery will be uploaded to YouTube Channel: Seiyu Tube (SYT).

How are you, everyone?The surgery is over and I’m fine!

Thank you for your encouragement and support!

I am very worried about it, so it will be a video taken before surgery, but I hope you enjoy it!

From 18:00 today!
On the Seiyu Tube!

It’s about to become an intermediate twister!
It’s a lot of fun to strengthen your favorite character!

Thanks for your comment!

A happy birthday!
Because it is a rest period, I will check it on the day when I can see the letters!

Then! Welcome!

May 29th! Thank you for your support! And congratulations!

May 30th! Sorry for not being able to say as usual! Congrats!

May 31st! I see it properly! Congrats!

June 1st! I will do it without overdoing it! Congrats!

June 3rd! I’m watching the comments! Congrats! And I’m not overworked! This is a strange disease! The vocal cords are beautiful!

June 4th! Take a rest! Congrats!

Of course people who aren’t on birthday are reading it too!
Thank you so much for your comments!

I think the characters are also waiting, so I want to return soon, but I will consult with my doctor a little carefully and let me do it!

It was really hot today! ?
Please be careful of heat stroke!

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Image: Nobuhiko Okamoto’s Official Blog



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