New Hololive Aroma Sprays Let Fans Sniff Their Favorite Virtual YouTubers

A new product line of aroma sprays meant to be sprayed onto face masks has been released that are meant to simulate the scent of Hololive’s virtual YouTubers.

The new Holo Aroma scents are meant to be used on face masks, but obviously those who purchase the aromas are free to do as they wish. Each scent is styled after the virtual YouTuber “agency” Hololive.

You can read a description of each virtual YouTuber, and their scent, below (via Code Meee)

Natsuiro Matsuri
A freshman in the cheer section. Cheerful, energetic and friendly, she gets along with anyone and has many friends. She likes fun things such as festivals and events.

Scent Concept
Always bright and full of energy! A lovely warm scent that reminds us of a summer-colored festival that looks like the sun.

Yuzuki Choco
A nurse from the Demon Realm School. Very popular with both men and women, it is said there are constant requests from the boys for examinations. She likes sweets, but gets angry when people find sweet bags scattered across her desk.

Scent Concept
It looks sexy and the inside is cute. A gorgeous and innocent scent reminiscent of the unbeatable adult girl, Yuzuki Choko.

Nakiri Ayame
A kimono wearing oni from the Demon Realm School. She likes to make mischief, and often uses her devil fire to play pranks on others. Despite that, she is the student council president.

Scent Concept
Naughty and laughing drunkard. A refreshing and bright scent of Nakiri Ayame, who is also a genius who enjoys everyday life.

Uruha Rushia
A necromancer girl from the Demon Realm School who is shy in public. She doesn’t like being alone, so she chats to the undead.

Scent Concept
Pure and honest with myself. The luscious luscious scent is pure and mellow, which is transparent.

Shirogane Noel
A gentle, air-headed female knight with a muscular side who is strong enough to do anything. Yearning to be stronger, she became a VTuber as part of her training, a world where many people gather.

Scent Concept
It’s insides fluffy. It has a refreshing and soft scent like the white silver Noel that lives freely.

Translation: Google Translate (Adjusted)

Each sent is able to be purchased for ¥4,800 (estimated $44 USD) individually. A complete collection of all five scents is available for ¥23,000 (estimated $212 USD).



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