New Shaman King Anime to Premiere April 2021

A reboot of the Shaman King anime series has been announced, along with a premiere date.

Officially announced on Twitter and according to the official site, the new series aims to condense all 35 volumes of the original Shaman King into a single anime series for viewers. You can read the official announcement below.

Special information PV announcement! Completely new TV animation will start broadcasting from April 2021!

The popular comic “SHAMAN KING” by Hiroyuki Takei, who has accumulated over 35 million copies in the series, has a new look, and in April 2021 a completely new TV animation has been decided. This animation is based on all 35 volumes of “SHAMAN KING” released from June 17, and the series will be drawn to the end!

The special PV that announces a completely new animation condensed the history of “SHAMAN KING”. Friends who meet the leaves, a powerful enemy standing up. And the oversoul “Spirit of Sword” that the leaf wears opens the beginning to animation.”

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Originally a manga series by Hiroyuki Takei that began in 1998, Shaman King was popularized abroad thanks to the English publication of Shonen Jump alongside other mainstream titles like Naruto and One Piece. Shaman King follows Yoh Asakura, a shaman who wants to participate in the Shaman Fight tournament for the privilege of communing with The Great Spirit.

Since the debut of the series, Shaman King has gone on to receive two sequel series, and an anime series that ran from 2001 to 2004 from studio Xebec. In the west the series was released and dubbed 4Licensing Corporation (at the time known as 4Kids Entertainment).

You can find the official teaser trailer below.

The new Shaman King anime is expected to premiere next year in April 2021.

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