Suspect Arrested After Kemono Friends Director Receives Death Threats

Kyoto resident Fukuta Kishimoto was arrested earlier this week, in connection to a recent string of death threats made against Kemono Friends and Kemono Friends 2 staff and cast; including the first series director TATSUKI.

Originally reported by The Sankei News [1, 2], Kishimoto allegedly made threats on social media that he would attack Kemono Friends direct TATSUKI with a knife.

Other staff and cast were also allegedly threatened, including one voice actress and her family. The threats also made references to last year’s arson attack on Kyoto Animation, where 36 died and at least 33 were injured.

The threats against Kemono Friends staff and cast were made on an image board in late April. The threats made graphic reference to both last year’s arson attacks and the use of a knife to harm and “cannibalize” director TATSUKI.

NHK News reports the threatened voice actress from Kemono Friends 2 is Yui Ishikawa, who last month turned to the police for help after death threats and harassment. Yui Ishikawa voices Kyururu in Kemono Friends 2, and is better known for her roll as Mikasa Ackerman in Attack on Titan.

The suspect has reportedly admitted to making the threats, but denies having had any intent to carry them out. Fukuta Kishimoto cited a “personal grudge” as the reason for making the threats against TATSUKI. Currently no motive for the threats against Yui Ishikawa has been reported.

In addition to the threats made, suspect Fukutu Kishimoto allegedly also made scathing critiques about Kemono Friends, the staff, and cast that were the target of his threats.

TATSUKI, who worked for anime studio Yaoyorozu on the first season of Kemono Friends, did not come back for the second. His recent project Hentatsu ended March, though a new project for TATSUKI was teased in the final episode.

Image: Esuteru

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