Voice Actress Yurina Hase Accuses Sunrise of Casting Couch Sexual Harassment

In a recent livestream, voice actress Yurina Hase told viewers that she was allegedly asked to perform sexual favors when auditioning for a role at Sunrise.

Otakomu and Anime News Network reports that Hase aired her grievances with the situation at Sunrise, where she was allegedly asked to perform sexual favors.

After refusing to perform them, she claims she was told the next day that she was being passed over for her auditioned role. She said this is her only experience like this, but nonetheless finds it important to warn others about Sunrise.

Hase is also known under the name Yurika Ochiai. Hase’s most well-known roles include Yukiho Hagiwara in the [email protected]: Live For You! OVA, and Yurika Sasaki in Lovege Chu – Miracle Seiyu Hakusho.

Hase also went on to warn aspiring female voice actresses about their male co-stars. During the livestream she claimed that sometimes the voice actors will let the newfound fame inflate their ego, and will harass their co-stars.

The livestream on Showroom was not saved, but viewers have reportedly recorded pieces of her stream. Hase announced the Showroom livestream on Twitter, seemingly fed up and ready to finish everything tonight”.

“今晩、show roomで本気の本音を伝えます。ツイッターを破壊するのはそのあとにします。 私は本気です。今夜すべてを終わらせる覚悟です。”

“Tonight, I will tell you the real intention in the show room. I will destroy Twitter after that. I am serious. I’m ready to finish everything tonight.

Translation: Google Translate

Despite saying she would “destroy” her Twitter after her livestream announcements, at the time of publishing her Twitter account @yurikacanary is still active.

Hase was the victim of multiple death threats back in 2009, after which she gave up voicing Yukiho Hagiwara in the [email protected] video game series. The role was passed on to voice actress Azumi Asakura.

In 2014 Hase announced she was taking a break from voice acting in order to focus on her singing.

Image: Otakomu

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