Anime Film Adaptation of The Deer King Delayed Until 2021

The film adaptation of the fantasy novel series The Deer King has been delayed until 2021, despite originally being slated for a September 18th release.

Mantan Web reports, the announced delay comes as coronavirus cases are rising in Japan, despite their two month state of emergency procedures earlier in the year. While the announcement does not cite the coronavirus pandemic as a cause, The Deer King would be joining other releases that have been postponed due to the concerns.

The Deer King is a Japanese fantasy series by author Nahoko Uehashi, who also wrote the Kemono no Souja (The Beast Player) and Seirei no Moribito (Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit) series. Both of which have received anime adaptations in the past.

You can find the rundown (via the author’s official English site) below.

“The Lone Antlers, a band of death warriors, gave their lives to save their homeland from the empire of Zol. Van, their leader and the sole survivor, is enslaved in a salt mine. One night, savage dogs attack the mine, and soon after, a mysterious disease wipes out both the slaves and their keepers. Van, however, escapes with a little girl called Yuna.”

“Someone has kidnapped Yuna, and Van sets off in pursuit. Meanwhile, Hohsalle, a gifted physician, searches for a cure for the disease that is spreading among the Zolian settlers. What path will these men choose to save their loved ones and the people of this land?”

“The threat of a Black Wolf Fever epidemic has passed, but the Zolian Empire has been plunged into a struggle for succession. At the invitation of the priest-doctor Mana, Hohsalle and Milalle travel to the place where the healing arts of the Pure Heart Creed originated. While there, they not only uncover the surprising history of Zolian medicine, but inadvertently become embroiled in the dispute for the imperial throne.”

Masashi Ando will be making his directorial debut after a long history of character design and animation directing with Ghibli and other studios.

The Deer King premieres 2021.

Image: Eiga

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