Former Terrace House Member Shion Okamoto Arrested for Marijuana Possession

Shion Okamoto from the 2017-2019 season of Terrace House (subtitled Opening New Doors) has been arrested for the alleged possession of marijuana.

Today Online reports Okamoto was arrested late Saturday night in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo. During questioning he was reportedly found with liquid cannabis in his possession, and a resulting search of his home led to the discovery of marijuana.

Japan has strict drug control laws. Under the Cannabis Control Act the possession of marijuana can result in up to 5 years of jail time, and fines no greater than 2 million yen. Both the time in jail and fine could be greater if he’s charged with an intent to profit; or intends to grow, import, or export it from Japan.

This is not the first controversy that the Terrace House series has faced. Hana Kimura, a professional wrestler from the latest season of Terrace House committed suicide after allegedly being harassed online. This came after producers had allegedly encouraged her to “act out.” This was amplified by fellow housemate Kai Kobayashi’s claims that producers asked him to touch Kimura’s breasts.

Since then, Terrace Season: Tokyo 2019-2020 has been cancelled amid both Kimura’s suicide, and the coronavirus pandemic. The future of the series is currently unknown.

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