Shonen Jump Drops Act-Age After Writer Arrested for “Indecent Acts With a Minor”

Manga publisher Shueisha have cancelled Act-Age, after author Tatsuya Matsuki was arrested for allegedly performing indecent acts with a teenager.

NHK reports Matsuki was arrested for acting indecently with junior high school-aged girls. Matsuki allegedly approached at least two junior high school aged girls on bicycle and inappropriately touched them.

Originally, Shueisha gave a polite response and said they would “act appropriately” after “confirming all facts.” A recent post on the official blog for Shonen Jump now confirms that the serialization of Matsuki’s title Act-Age has ended.

“On August 8th, Mr. Tatsuya Matsuki, who is in charge of the original work of ‘actage act-age’, was arrested.

The editorial department took this situation very seriously, confirmed the facts, and had a discussion with Dr. Shiro Usazaki, who is in charge of drawing. As a result, we have decided that we cannot continue the series of “actuage act-age”.
The series will end with the publication of ‘Weekly Shonen Jump 36.37 merger issue’ released on Tuesday, August 11.

The work that many readers have supported so far will be finished in this way, and I am very sorry for the editorial department. However, we took the content of the case and the social responsibility of ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’ seriously, and made such a decision.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Not only the editorial department but also Usazaki [are heartbroken], but we will support [her] (In regards to Act-Age’s artist) and work hard to create new works.
Regarding related publications such as comics and various events and plans, we will inform you as soon as it is decided after consultation with related parties.”

Translation: Google Translate [Adjusted]

It is worth noting that Tatsuya Matsuki was only the author of Act-Age. The artist of Act-Age Shiro Usazaki is not associated with any accusations levied against Tatsuya Matsuki.

Act-Age is licensed by and released in English by Viz Media.

Image: Viz Media

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