Anime Adaptation of Tokyo Babylon Coming Next Year

Tokyo Babylon

King Records (a subsidiary of Kodansha) announced that the manga series Tokyo Babylon from writing group CLAMP will be adapted for a TV anime.

Originally reported by Oricon News, the new anime series is expected to premiere sometime next year. The creator of the original series, an all-female group known as CLAMP is famous for their other works such as Cardcaptor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, Chobits, and xxxHolic.

Tokyo Babylon is one of the earlier works of CLAMP, originally serialized in Shinsokan’s Wings magazine in 1990. The series follows Subaru Sumeragi, the current head of the most preeminent onmyoji family that protects the emperor. Onmyoji are magicians and diviners that practice Onmyodo and were once tasked with protecting the capital of Japan from evil spirits.

You can watch the teaser trailer for Tokyo Babylon below.

“The Emperor Karyu was born with a high spiritual power.
He is the thirteenth head of the Imperial Family, who has been the spiritual protector of Japan for many years.
As part of his training as an onmyouji, he and his twin sister, Hokuto
He has been accepting requests to solve various spiritual cases that occur in Tokyo.

One day, when he went out on a job assignment, Subaru was
At the foot of Tokyo Tower, where the cherry blossoms are falling, they meet Sakurazuka Hoshiro, a veterinarian.
Hoshijiro takes a liking to Subaru.
He watches over and sometimes helps Saruaru’s work in solving spiritual cases.

Because he is too kind, Saru takes on the pain of others and gets hurt.
Hokuto, who is concerned for Saru, welcomes Hoshiro’s presence and
Throughout the incident, the three of them slowly grow closer to each other.
But it was also the beginning of a cruel fate …….”

Translation: DeepL

Animation studio GoHands will be handling the upcoming series.

At the time of publishing, there’s no specific release date for Tokyo Babylon beyond it airing sometime in 2021.

Image: Official Site

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