Classic 90s TV Anime Saber Marionette Finally Gets a Remastered Blu-ray Release

saber marionette

Frontier Works has announced (via Crunchyroll) they’re prepping up a complete blu-ray release for classic 90’s anime Saber Marionette.

The slice-of-life anime series is getting a two-disc blu-ray box set, including all of the Saber Marionette anime series, in Japan on March 24th, 2021. The runtime on the entire kit is 1,380 minutes and a price point is set at 29,700 yen (roughly $280USD). This is the first time the series will be available in high-definition.

Fans can expect all four anime series to be included in the blu-ray box set, fully digitally remastered from their original master in “High Rate SD (480i) quality.  One of the series’ character designers, Tsukasa Kotobuki, is providing a new illustration for the jacket of the box set.

Saber Marionette was a fan favorite back in the 90s during its run from 1995 to 1998, the product of both Hiroshi Negi (Tenchi Muyo!) Satoru Akahori (NG Knight Ramune & 40Sakura Wars). The series was planned as a mixed media project, and expanded to include manga, live novels, video games, and more.



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