Doraemon Voice Actor Tomita Kosei Has Passed Away at 84

Tomita Kosei

Voice actor Tomita Kosei, best known for voicing Doraemon in the 1973 anime of the same name, has passed away due to complications after suffering a stroke.

The voice actor’s death was originally reported by his talent agency Production BAOBAB, in a blurb on the top of their site.


[Our affiliate] actor Kōsei Tomita Yi (He was 84)

[He has] passed away because [on] Ryowa 2 September 27 [due to a] stroke.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you for your kindness.

Translation Google [Adjusted]

Tomita’s other works include Professor Gilmore in Cyborg 009, and Suzuki Jirokichi in Detective Conan. He has even contributed to the Japanese dubs of western movies taking on the role of Papa Smurf in the recent 3D The Smurfs movies, and Mario in the live action Super Mario Bros.

Image: Tokyo HiveWikipedia

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