CloverWorks to Work On Shadows House Anime Adaptation

Shadows House

Animation studio CloverWorks is confirmed to be on the project for the upcoming anime adaptation of Shadows House.

According to the official Twitter page for the series, CloverWorks will be working on the Shadows House anime adaptation. The anime adaptation was announced earlier this year by publisher Shueisha.

The other projects of CloverWorks include: Darling in the Franxx, The Promised Neverland, and Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. CloverWorks is a subsidiary of Sony.

Created by the writer and artist duo known only as “Somato”, Shadows House is a supernatural suspense manga centering the mysterious circumstances of a “living doll” maid that lives in a house of shadows. The shadows are faceless aristocrats and strangely one has a profile similar to the protagonist.

You can read a summary of the plot from the official site below.

“The Shadows are a faceless tribe of imitators of the nobility.
The “living doll” is a caretaker who serves as the “face” of the clan.
Today, too, soot and yellow voices dance in the strange house where there are no visitors.”


The series began in 2018 and is serialized in Weekly Young Jump.

No premiere date has been announced for the Shadows House anime at the time of publishing.

Image: Official Site



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