Pretty Boy Detective Club Premieres 2021

Pretty Boy Detective Club

An anime for the novel and manga series Pretty Boy Detective Club has been announced for next year.

As reported by Comic NataliePretty Boy Detective Club will be receiving an anime adaptation sometime next year despite the series ending over a year ago.

Pretty Boy Detective Club began as a novel series in 2015 by the writer under the pen name NISIOISIN and published by Kodansha. A manga adaptation began in 2016 and both the novel and manga concluded in 2019.

The anime series will be directed by Akiyuki Shinbo who has directed series such Paniponi Dash!, Bakemonogatari, and Puella Magii Madoka Magica. Animation studio Shaft, whom Shinbo has worked with exclusively since 2014 is also working on Pretty Boy Detective Club.

You can read a summary of the series from retailer Barnes & Noble below.

From the renowed author NISIOISIN, the creator of BAKEMONOGATARI, Zaregoto Series and KATANAGATARI.
Comes a new, innovative mystery series, Pretty Boy Detectives Club!

Mayumi Dojima, a second-year student at the exclusive Yubiwa Academy middle school, has lost something – a star she glimpsed just once, ten long years ago. But help is on the way, in the form of the unofficial, secretive, and thoroughly mysterious Pretty Boy Detective Club! Rumored to solve problems within the school (most of which they themselves may well have created) for reasons aesthetic rather than financial, these five gorgeous boys sweep Mayumi into their world of excitement, danger, and overwhelming beauty. So begins the thrilling new mystery series from renowned author NISIOISIN!

Details about the voice cast for Pretty Boy Detective Club have yet to be announced and are forthcoming on the official site of the series.

Pretty Boy Detective Club is expected to air sometime in 2021 and at the time of publishing there have been no announcements about an official English release of the anime.

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