Chainsaw Man Anime Series in Production

chainsaw man

An anime series for the supernatural action series Chainsaw Man is now in production from studio MAPPA.

Chainsaw Man takes place in a fantastical version of the real world where devils live among humans and cause problems. To make ends meet after inheriting a debt from his father, Denji sells some of his organs and works as a devil hunter and jobber for the Yakuza.

After the Yakuza gang he works for his infiltrated by a devil, he’s betrayed and left for dead. However Denji had been taking care of a small and seemingly benign demon that looks like a dog with a chainsaw for a nose, in order to save Denji the demon becomes his new heart.

Denji is now able to continue his work as a devil hunter with newfound powers from his devilish heart. By pulling a ripcord on his chest he’s able to transform into a chainsaw monster in order to fight devils.

However being part devil puts a target on his back and will make it difficult to engage with society. An organization of official devil hunters approached Denji in order to recruit him, giving him legitimacy in the eyes of the law despite being part devil now.

Chainsaw Man began in 2018 from creator Tatsuki Fujimoto. The series finally concluded in December of 2020 after its two year run. The upcoming anime series was announced on the official Chainsaw Man Twitter account.

The manga series for Chainsaw Man is localized in English by publisher VIZ Media. An official release date for the anime has yet to be announced and no western release has been confirmed.

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