Funimation Announce Free Upgrade Exchange for Akira SDR Blu-Ray for 4K Ultra HD

Akira Blu-Ray 4K

Funimation have announced they will be allowing owners of the Akira Blu-Ray Standard Dynamic Range for 4K Ultra HD version for free.

The first Blu-Ray version of the 1988 anime classic launched in 2009, with a 25th anniversary version on June 6th, 2017. The latter featured both English and Japanese dubs. UPDATE: However, the western Blu-Rays were in SDR (Standard Dynamic Range), and never HDR (High Dynamic Range) as Japan had.

Now, Funimation is offering those who own the SDR version of the Blu-Ray the ability to exchange it for a HDR 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray version. “We know this might cause some headaches,” Funimation explains, “but bear with us as we make sure you get the latest version of the release at no additional cost.”

Those who want the ultra 4K version should email [email protected] in the US and Canada, or [email protected] in the UK and Ireland. The email should contain “AKIRA 4K” as the subject, with your name, mailing address, email address, and proof of postage (a receipt or confirmation email, and a photo of the disc).

Those who cannot provide a receipt or email will be asked to send the disc itself to Funimation (and will get an authorization number, and the address to send the disc to).

Funimation will be send the discs out by February 2021.

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