Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly Premieres April 2021

Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly

An upcoming animated series for the original character Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly is anticipated to premiere next April.

Gloomy is an original character used to sell merchandise and has been the subject of online animated shorts for over a decade. The premiere for the upcoming series was announced on the anime’s official news page.

Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly follows the slapstick adventures of the large pink bear Gloomy and his owner Petey (Author’s Note: Could be translated Pitty or Pity as well). However as Gloomy grows up, he lacks the fondness of a family pet and is prone to acts of gratuitous ursine violence.

The upcoming anime series is being directed by Takehiro Kubota. Gloomy will be voiced by Kouichi Yamadera and Petey will be voiced by Natsuki Hanae.

You can watch a trailer for Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly below.

An exact premiere date for the series has yet to be announced. At the time of publishing an official western release has not been confirmed.



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