Super Mario Manga Mania Released in English

super mario manga mania

Nintendo has just released an English paperback called Super Mario Manga Mania which collects an assortment of stories from the longrunning Super Mario-kun manga series.

The Super Mario-kun series has been published since its debut in 1991 and follows a highly stylized and comedic retelling of Mario’s adventures throughout his game series. Artist Yukio Sawada has been working on the series since its inception 29 years ago.

The series currently expands over 50 volumes, with volume 56 releasing in Japan this past October. The earlier volumes have also begun to be published in French and Spanish; Super Mario Manga Mania is the first official English localization of the series.

You can read a summary of the book from Amazon below.

Experience the zany world of Super Mario through manga!

Features stories based on the hit Super Mario games!

From crazy to classic, Mario and his friends star in adventures that find them traveling through the many worlds of one of the biggest video game series ever!

Super Mario Manga Mania isn’t a numbered volume, and we can only speculate if the potential success of this book will see future volumes published in English.

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