The Final Season of Attack on Titan Premieres December 6

attack on titan

The latest and reportedly final season of Attack On Titan premieres December 6th, a new key visual to coincide with the premiere has also been released.

Writer’s Note: The article contains spoilers for Attack On Titan passed this point.

The premiere date and new key visual were announced on the official Twitter page of the series. A new key visual shows the Marley titans fighting Eren Jaeger and friends.

The final season features the climactic finale to the series as the confrontation between Marley and the Eldians begins in earnest. Along the way Eren and his friends will make tough decisions that could change the entire world they live in.

You can find the new key visual below.

attack on titan

Last year, series creator Hajime Isayama announced the manga series would be ending soon. This was reinforced earlier this year when he reportedly said the series was in the last one or two percent before its conclusion.

The manga series began in 2009 and has since amassed a large following both in Japan and internationally. The anime series began in 2013 and currently spans 59 episodes over three seasons.

The series is licensed by Funimation in the United States. The latest season will be available both on Funimation and Crunchyroll.



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