Blu-ray Release Dates for Uma Musume Pretty Derby Announced

uma musume pretty derby

The upcoming second season for Uma Musume Pretty Derby has yet to begin airing, but release dates for the Blu-ray releases have already been announced.

The second season of Uma Musume Pretty Derby will consist of thirteen episodes spread throughout four Blu-ray disc sets. The first of the four sets will release on May 26th.

uma musume pretty derby

The first set will release on May 26th, followed by the second set on June 23rd, the third on July 21st, and the fourth and final set on August 18th.

As we reported earlier here on Nicchiban, the second season of Uma Musume Pretty Derby will premiere on January 4th. While the first season was released in the west on Crunchyroll’s streaming service, there hasn’t been any confirmation of a western release for season 2.

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