Cells at Work! Code Black Episodes Three and Four to Air Together as One Hour Special

cells at work code black

The third and fourth episodes of this season’s Cells at Work! Code Black will air back to back as a one hour TV special.

The one hour TV special for Cells at Work! Code Black was announced on the official Twitter page for the series. The special will premiere on most Japanese stations on January 18th according to the official blog of the series.

Cells at Work! Code Black is a spinoff series based on 2015’s Cells at Workwhich received an anime adaptation in 2018. As opposed to the main series, Cells at Work! Code Black follows a gender-swapped main cast in a much more unhealthy body.

Cells at Work! Code Black has a grittier aesthetic than the cutesy base series. You can read a summary of Cells at Work! Code Black from Funimation below.

“A rookie Red Blood Cell has been bustling about, frantically making oxygen deliveries all around the body! But his workplace is on the brink of going Code Black!! Drinking, smoking, stress, sleep deprivation… Struggling to survive a life not unlike the brutal corporate world, what must these overworked cells be thinking at the end of the day? This is a tale about the inside of your body…”

It’s unknown at the time of publishing how Funimation’s simulcast will be affected by the one hour special or if it even will be at all.



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