Laid-Back Camp Staff Apologizes After Google Watermark Spotted in Background

laid-back camp

The staff for the anime series Laid-Back Camp has apologized after a Google Street View watermark was spotted during a scene.

Laid-Back Camp staff apologized for the appearance of a Google Street View watermark during episode 2 of the second season of the series. The scene has since been updated to remove the watermark. The apology can be found below via Twitter.

“Yurucamp △ Since the second episode of “SEASON2″ contained an inappropriate image, we will change a part of the video being delivered. We sincerely apologize for causing concern to all of you. We will continue to work hard so that we can deliver works that meet your expectations, and we ask for your continued support.”

Translation: Google Translate

Laid-Back is a “cute girls doing cute things” slice-of-life series about girls who go camping. The series makes heavy use of real life references and goes into incredible detail to recreate trails and campgrounds.

Reddit user “user7839528” provided a comparison of the Street View image alongside the image used in Laid-Back Camp. Both images include the now removed watermark and can be found below (left is the anime background, right is Google Street View).


While using photographs to recreate places for backgrounds in anime isn’t a new phenomenon; it’s not often that a mistake like this is made. But the use of real photos as backgrounds speculatively appears to be acceptable practice, as evidenced by the simple removal of the watermark rather than changing the artwork altogether after the apology.

Images: YouTube, Reddit



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