Redo of Healer Reaches Number One in Anime on Amazon Germany

Redo of Healer

The first Blu-ray disc set for Redo of Healer achieved the number one best selling product in the anime category.

The status of Redo of Healer as the number one best seller was initially reported by Sankaku Complex. At the time of publishing the box set has since sunken to number three on the best sellers in anime; however the original report by Sankaku Complex features a screenshot of Redo of Healer sitting pretty at number one.

The popularity for the physical media version of Redo of Healer in Germany is a small surprise. Back in January the simulcast was canceled in Germany and fans are given no other alternatives to watch it.

The German cancellation comes after the series has already been censored for broadcast and streaming services. With the uncensored versions that means German distributors had three different options to choose from.

In contrast, Sentai Filmworks has persisted in releasing the series on their streaming platform HIDIVE where episodes continue to be simulcast every week.



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