Super Milk-chan Forever Announced

Super Milk-chan

A new series Super Milk-chan Forever based off the 1998 anime series has been announced.

Super Milk-chan Forever was announced on the official Twitter page for the series in early February. The series is said to be a reboot of the series for a modern audience.

Super Milk-chan was a 1998 anime series that was made available in the west on the Adult Swim programming block. The show featured a simplistic art style and irreverent humor.

The titular Milk-chan is a precocious young girl who lives in the city with her robot maid Tetsuko, and an introspective slug named Hanage. The series aired in the US on Adult Swim in 2004.

The series was released with two different versions in the west. An accurately translated version, which was also aired on Adult Swim, and a more westernized one with more relevant pop culture references for western audiences. Both versions were created by the now defunct ADV Films.

It’s unknown at the time of publishing when Super Milk-chan Forever will premiere; or if it will be released in the west.



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