Cover Corp Celebrates Six Months of HoloEN


Cover Corp, the company behind the Virtual YouTuber franchise Hololive has announced the six month anniversary of the new HoloEN group.

Hololive is a virtual idol agency with multiple fictional character represented by animated rigs. These rigs give the appearance of anime characters livestreaming themselves and gameplay footage.

HoloEN (short for Hololive English) is the first English speaking generation of Hololive. While other Hololive members can and do speak English, they mainly speak Japanese and HoloEN is the first generation to stream primarily in English.

Each generation features fictional characters usually given some sort of cohesive theme. The first generation of Hololive English stars Gawr Gura, a denizen from the lost city of Atlantis, Ninomae Ina’nis, an ordinary girl that discovered a magic book that gives her control over tentacles, Calliope Mori, an apprentice to the grim reaper who streams to collect the souls of Hololive viewers, Takanashi Kiara, a phoenix who wants to open a restaurant chain and be an idol, and Amelia Watson, a detective investigating Hololive.

Due to the deep sea and eldritch themes, the first Hololive English generation was titled Holo Myth. In the six months since their debut, Gawr Gura has gone on to be the first Hololive member to reach 1 million (and subsequently 2 million) subscribers.

Cover Corp has also announced the release of new merchandise to celebrate HoloEN’s 6 month anniversary, including acrylic stands and keychains.




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