Cover Corp Has Released the Cover Art for the First Hololive Album: Bouquet

Hololive Bouquet

Cover Corp, the company behind the Virtual Youtuber (VTuber) idol group: Hololive has just released the cover art for their first original album titled Bouquet.

Bouquet is Hololive’s first full-length album after beginning producing original songs over a year ago. The album will feature original songs from multiple artists including fifth generation idols Lamy Yukihana, Botan Shishiro, Nene Momosuzu, and Polka Umaru who performed the song BLUE CLAPPER together.

The album will feature eleven songs and twenty three different vocalists from multiple Hololive generations. A description of the album can be found from CDJapan below.

“Popular projects “hololive IDOL PROJECT” by VTuber group “Hololive”, the first nationwide distribution full album in the history of “Hololive” has been released !! In this work, “Floral Circlet” from the original songs released so far by “hololive IDOL PROJECT” 』Includes a wide variety of 11 songs, including new songs added to the 9-week continuous release songs that are hotly talked about in the series songs and streaming charts! [Participating talents (23 people)] Roboko-san / Yozora Mel / Aki Rosenthal / Fubuki Shirakami / [Natsuiro Matsuri] / [Aqua] Minato / Shion Murasaki / Ayame Hyakuki / Choco [Yuzuki] / Subaru Ozora / Mio Ogami / Sakura Miko / Pekora Usada / Rushia Junba / Flare Shiranui / Noel Shirogane / [Houshou] Marine / Kanata Amane / Towa Towa / Ramie Yukihana / Nene Momosuzu / Shishiro Botan / Polka Omaru”

Translation: Google Translate [Adjusted]

Hololive’s first album Bouquet will release on April 21st.



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