Fanmade Website Holodex Lets Fans Follow All of Their Favorite VTubers


A group of fans has launched the website Holodex, which allows users to track multiple VTuber streams at once, listen to music, and keep track of upcoming streams.

The frontpage of Holodex features a list of thumbnails for live and upcoming streams from multiple Hololive talents. While the site is called Holodex, a menu in the top left allows users to filter by company (or include all VTubers).

This means fans of VShojo, Kizuna Ai, and Nijisanji can all use the site to follow their favorite streamers. Core features include being able to watch multiple streams on one tab, and a music index that links directly to music videos or timestamps in singing streams.

Holodex recently added a host of new features which they announced on Reddit including “Mugenclips” which allows fans to hold watch parties of VTuber clips.

A list of features and the latest 2.1 patch notes for Holodex can be found below.

Holodex V2.1 Main Features

  • Added MultiView functionality, with customizable layouts supporting everything a DD wants. Also works on mobile, if your phone is powerful enough (on some mobile devices and platforms, you can only hear one stream’s audio, but can play multiple videos.).
  • Isolated Stream-Translations chat built into Mobile and Desktop views, you can also get Live-TL-esque features on Mobile (and desktop).
  • Massive improvements to mobile experience.
  • Removed top status bar from the App version of the website, but may require a reinstall for some platforms.
  • Added Music Player / Music Curation platform. You can browse, search, and listen to karaoke streams / covers as if it is Spotify. Best part is, the views go towards the singer (instead of clippers who split the Karaoke stream into pieces). Everyone can contribute and create music annotations, so feel free to help out your oshi by tagging their karaoke songs.
  • Normal users are now able to add topics (and music) annotation to videos. If you want us to add new topics into Holodex, please join our discord and recommend it!
  • Editors are now more powerful on Holodex, being able to change topics and delete/update song information. Users interested in becoming Holodex editors should talk to us on discord.
  • Made light mode pretty
  • Logged in users can now request for an API Key on the Account page, we will require API Key for CORS requests into Holodex backend in the short future.

New Localizations:

  • Added pt-BR locale.


  • Twitter login works again!
  • Cleaned up video export to Youtube with a guide
  • We now check when a video use @CHANNEL NAME in description to mention vtubers.
  • Improved usability across the website.

Holodex is available through your browser via desktop, but also with a site designed to work like an app when viewed on a mobile device. A formal app is reportedly in development.



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