Retraction: HoloEN Member Kiara Takanashi to become Founding Member of Hololive German (Joke/False)


Editor’s Note: The tweet given below was taken at face value due to the deadpan nature of the humor and the fact that Hololive has successful operations in multiple languages such as Japanese, English, and Indonesian. After reviewing the response to the tweet we’ve determined that it was simply a joke taken seriously by our staff and are issuing a retraction on the below article.

First generation Hololive English member Kiara Takanashi will become a part of Hololive’s first German generation.

Kiara announced the change in affiliation on her Twitter account, posting both in German. This announcement of a change also confirms that a Hololive German generation is in fact in the works.

It’s time! I am happy to announce that I am the first member of the first generation of Hololive German!

I’m happy to announce that I am 1st gen of HoloGerman! Look forward to my debut today at 19:00 GMT + 1!”

Among the members of Hololive English, Kiara is known for her trilingual knowledge, speaking passable in English, Japanese, and German. She has acted as a translator in collaboration streams between Hololive English and other Hololive generations.

It’s unknown what if any changes will occur as a result of this change except Kiara’s affiliation. The language gap hasn’t stopped collaborations in the past, even without Kiara acting as a translator. Collaborations have been done between Hololive Japan, Hololive English, and Hololive Indonesia with the language barrier being either a non-issue, or part of the appeal of a particular stream.

Other members of Hololive German have yet to be announced at the time of publishing.



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