Official Hololive YouTube Channel Breaks 1 Million Subs


The official YouTube channel for the Virtual YouTuber idol group Hololive has reached over one million subs. The channel features music videos, announcements, and a weekly animated series.

While this isn’t the first million sub milestone for the company (that distinction belongs to HoloEN’s Gawr Gura); it’s still a momentous occasion for Cover Corp who manages all the company’s virtual idols.

The official YouTube channel doesn’t host streams or archives like those of the talents. Instead, the official channel is the place for announcements, some music videos, and most notably a weekly 3D animated series.

The series features short episodes with fast paced talking and humor with each episode wrapping up at around 2 minutes. Most episodes feature slapstick or absurdist comedy while also making use of the idols fantastical backstories.

Only characters who have been given 3D models can appear in the animated series; which at the time of publishing excludes all the current members of HoloEN.

However, Hololive still takes their substantial English-speaking fanbase into account. Each episode of the Hololive animated series is officially translated through the use of YouTube’s Closed Captioning feature.

The official YouTube channel’s latest milestone is a testament to the popularity of the virtual idols at Hololive whose first album is premiering this April. New episodes of the animated shorts premiere every Sunday.



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