Wonder Egg Priority Special Episode Premieres June 29

Wonder Egg Priority

A “special episode” of Wonder Egg Priority which speculatively takes place after the events of episode 12 will premiere on June 29th.

Wonder Egg Priority is a psychological fantasy series where young girls hatch eggs in their dreams that contain the souls or memories of young girls who committed suicide. Within the dream, it’s up to the girls to confront the trauma the hatchling brings with them.

The girls persist in their quest to hatch the eggs and rescue the souls within since they all have also lost someone to suicide. The two beings who dwell in the dreamland and sell them the eggs claim that rescuing enough eggs will result in their loved one being brought back.

However the secretive nature of the eggs and the dreamland implies there’s much more going on behind the scenes that the heroines don’t know about.

Wonder Egg Priority is available in English on Funimation.

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