Episode 102 of Holo no Graffiti Now Available

Holo no Graffiti

Cover Corp has released the 102nd episode of their online web series Holo no Graffiti featuring the idols of Hololive.

This week’s episode titled First Look features Hololive 1st Generation Yozora Mel, Hololive Gamers Ookami Mio, and Hololive 4th Gen Amane Kanata, and Hololive 5th gen Shishiro Botan playing with a magical camera.

Mel and Mio are the first to find the camera and take a picture of the nearby Tsunomaki Watame from Hololive 4th gen. After Mel takes the picture Watame turns into a small sheep. Realizing the camera’s magical powers, Mel goes off to cause trouble.

After running outside of the Hololive office, Mel runs into Kanata and A-chan and takes a picture of them both. A-chan being a normal human doesn’t change but Kanata transforms into a proper angel. With the threat of divine judgement looming, Mio needs to convince Mel to quit playing around but can she succeed?

The 102nd episode First Look can be found below.

The Hololive web series Holo no Graffiti is released in Japanese with English, Indonesian, and Spanish subtitles made available via YouTube’s closed captioning.

The next episode will be the 103rd episode of the series and will premiere on April 25th.



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