Night Head 2041 Premieres July 2021

Night Head 2041

The science-fiction thriller Night Head 2041 will make its television premiere this July as part of the Summer 2021 anime season.

Based off the 1992 live-action drama Night Head, the new anime series will follow two sets of brothers. First there’s the Kirihara brothers; siblings with supernatural powers who escaped from a detention facility. Then there’s the Kuroki brothers, siblings who are chasing after the Kiriharas.

This isn’t the first time that Night Head has been adapted into an anime, with Night Head Genesis premiering in 2006 and lasting for 24 episodes.

Night Head 2041 will be directed by Takamitsu Hirakawa. The studio behind the series is Shirogumi who is largely known for their work on the 3D animated film series Stand By Me Doraemon based off the popular media franchise.



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