Second Volume of Laid-Back Camp Season 2 Home Media to Include Bonus Animation

Mystery Camp

The second Blu-Ray and DVD volume for the second season of Laid-Back Camp will include a bonus animation called Mystery Camp.

Premiering earlier this year, the second season of Laid-Back Camp has been split into multiple volumes for physical release. This might seem strange to western consumers that are used to seeing full seasons in physical format, but it’s not uncommon in Japan. Fortunately studios and publishers compensate by including bonus animations and other “goodies”.

In this case, buyers of the second volume of Laid-Back Camp season 2, will get to see the bonus Mystery Camp animation after purchase. The bonus animation will feature a completely new story that hasn’t been broadcast to TV.

Laid Back Camp is a slice of life series that follows two girls Rin Shima, and Nadeshiko Kagamihara as they lackadaisically spend their free time camping and enjoying the outdoors together.

Eventually, Nadeshiko joins her school’s Outdoor Activities Club, and connects the usual loner Rin with new friends: Chiaki Ogaki, and Aoi Inuyama. They are joined by side characters such as Ena Saito who periodically joins the Outdoor Activities Club, and Sakura Kagamihara who is Nadeshiko’s older sister.

An animated film based on the series has also been announced for release sometime next year.



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