Western Remake of Endro Still Hasn’t Released (APRIL FOOLS)


The western remake of the fantasy series Endro titled High Guardian Spice still has yet to release after being announced back in 2018.

High Guardian Spice is Crunchyroll’s original remake of the 2018 manga series Endro. The series features a pink haired heroine who goes to an adventurer school with a yellow-haired tomboyish class mate, a blue-haired mage, and an elf.

The pair of four friends undertake multiple trials in their quest to graduate from their school and go on to become heroines. At first, the pink-haired one is considered eccentric and a little delusional after calling herself the “Hero”, a class reserved for the one destined to fight the Demon King.

Certain changes had to be made in order to properly translate Endro for a western audience. One noteworthy change replaces the typical smooth lines that make an anime character’s mouths with the more familiar and comforting “bean” shape that’s the hallmark of great animation.

Other changes include simpler body shapes and a reduction in light pastels, replacing them with highly saturated colors that really captures the attention of the 6 month to 3 years old demographic.

Other changes include placing a contemporary urban locale right next to the medieval fantasy village. Crunchyroll considers this a necessary addition, as western audiences may be unfamiliar and frightened by the idea of anything interesting happening outside of a modern day city.

High Guardian Spice

Originally intended to be one of the first Crunchyroll Originals, High Guardian Spice was pushed back in order for the Endro anime series to finish so Crunchyroll could take more notes.

High Guardian Spice will join the tradition pioneered by other western anime titles like Steven Universe, Family Guy, and Cory in the House once it premieres whenever I guess.

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