Episode 105 of Holo no Graffiti Now Available

Holo no Graffiti

Cover Corp has released the 105th episode of their online web series Holo no Graffiti featuring the idols of Hololive.

This week’s episode is titled Murphy’s Law and largely features “0th” generation’s Sakura Miko with only three other characters taking minor roles in the episode. Other appearances include Inugami Korone from Holo Gamers, Natsuiro Matsuri from the first generation, and Tokino Sora who is also from the “0th” generation.

In this week’s episode Miko is trying to remember something she’d forgotten and the episode follows her frantic thinking and internal monologue as the idea of forgetting something is driving her crazy. However Miko’s unaware that while she’s distracted she’s able to subconsciously react to almost any problem around her, including Matsuri dropping pancakes, which she deftly catches on a plate.

From there, the antics get even crazier as Matsuri and Korone play around in the background and drop a “wormhole generator” laying around the Hololive offices (what don’t they have)? However with Elite Miko nearby there’s nothing they can’t handle. But will Miko ever remember what she’s forgotten?

The 105th episode of Holo no Graffiti titled Murphy’s Law can be found below.

The Hololive web series Holo no Graffiti is released in Japanese with English, Indonesian, and Spanish subtitles made available via YouTube’s closed captioning.

The next episode will be the 106th episode of the series and will premiere on May 16th.



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