Hololive: Alternative Full Trailer is Out Now

Hololive Alternative

Cover Corp has released the full trailer for their upcoming project Hololive: Alternative.

The project was announced earlier this year with a short teaser trailer showing off clips of conventional animation instead of the usual 3D models of Holo no Graffiti. The new trailer features high-action fight scenes between characters like Shirogane Noel and Kiryu Coco, as well as slice of life moments with characters like Nekomata Okayu and Inugami Korone.

Despite the more complete trailer, not much is known about Hololive: Alternative yet. Cover Corp has told fans that their input and “support may determine [Hololive Alternative’s] expansion”Although Cover Corp had this to say on the official site for the project.

The girls who belong to the VTuber group “Hololive” are the same, but different, or different, but the sameーー…… such a slightly different possibility. This is a project to create a different world, to “draw a certain world” that may possibly exist. We hope that together with you, we can weave a story where such a possibility becomes a reality. The latest information about the project is being updated on the official Twitter, so please follow us!

Translation: DeepL

The trailer features the original song Dawn Blue by Hololive English idol Calliope Mori.



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