Tokyo Researchers Publish Study About Real Life LCL Fluid from Evangelion

LCL Evangelion

Researchers in Tokyo have published a study about their work regarding fluid that can be used to oxygenate the blood of organisms, similar to the LCL fluid from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

According to the New York Times, this method which has been developed by Doctor Takebe Takanori can speculatively lead to a final product that can mimic the effects of existing mechanical ventilators. Or at least that’s his intention, the fluid has yet to be tried on humans at the time of publishing.

The method he has invented is appropriately called the EVA method, which stands for “enteral ventilation via anus”. Though it’s not a far stretch to assume the naming might be intentional given the mainstream success of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The voice actress for Ikari Shinji, Ogata Megumi even joked about the EVA method on Twitter after learning about it.

The method uses an oxygenated perfluorochemical and inserts it in the anus of oxygen-deprived organisms. The theory is that the intestines can possibly absorb oxygen, similar to other animals such as loaches and turtles. This capability has thus far been successfully observed in pigs and mice.



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