New Di Gi Charat Miniseries Announced

Di Gi Charat

A new anime mini series based on the mascot characters created by artist Koge-Donbo for the retail chain Gamers as part of the series Di Gi Charat.

Di Gi Charat began as a manga in 1998 and is still ongoing to this day. The series features the daily antics of the catgirl Dejiko who’s the mascot for the Gamers chain of stores in Japan.

Despite being designed as an ad campaign for a hobby store in Akihabara, Di Gi Charat has maintained a cult following in both Japan and the United States. The characters from the series are lampooned in other works.

The series is being worked on by Liden Films who are known for their work on the 2016 Berserk, Magical Sempai, and Otherside Picnic.

A premiere date for the series has yet to be announced at the time of publishing.



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