Osamu Tezuka’s Princess Knight Comes to Retrocrush Streaming Service

Princess Knight

The 1967 classic anime series Princess Knight is now available on the Retrocrush streaming service.

Retrocrush announced the acquisition of the series on Saturday afternoon. Princess Knight follows the adventures of the princess Sapphire, who dresses like a man and performs deeds of heroism as women aren’t permitted to ascend to the throne in her kingdom. After her birth, her father announced her as a boy in order to perpetuate the facade and keep the evil Duke’s son from stealing the throne away.

Sapphire’s disguise is made all the more resolute when it’s revealed Sapphire’s soul has two hearts, a boy’s and a girl’s and when the angel Tink comes to retrieve Sapphire’s extra heart she refuses to give it to him. The series is one of the first manga to feature a female heroine in an active role and matched if not beat the success of Tezuka’s other works such as Kimba the White Lion.

Princess Knight is available to watch now on the Retrocrush streaming service.



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