Waifu Wednesday: Amelia Watson

Amelia Watson

Welcome to Waifu Wednesday, Nicchiban’s weekly column where we talk about anime characters, their appeal, and a little on their history.

Today on Waifu Wednesday: Amelia Watson from Hololive English! Amelia is one of the first English VTubers under Cover Corp’s Hololive virtual idol group.

Amelia made her first appearance last year when she was announced as part of the first generation of Hololive English. Until their premiere, Hololive branches only existed in Japanese, Indonesian, and a now defunct Chinese branch.

A self-styled “gremlin”, Amelia is largely known for her eccentric and weird sense of humor which is a mixture of non-sequiturs, random sounds, and inappropriate jokes. Compared to the other members of Hololive English, Amelia’s streams are a lot more hectic and incoherent, giving her a crazy sort of charm.

To take the archetype even further, Amelia constantly regales her chat (or “Teamates” as they’re called) with stories from her childhood that usually end in injury or example of Amelia’s odious but endearing personal habits. A list can be found on the Virtual YouTuber wiki but some highlights include:

  • She received an injury in her childhood when she and her brother were jumping on a bed and Amelia fell off, hitting her head on the corner of a drawer. She needed to have her head stitched up. She claims to still have a “head hole” that she can feel air go through when she breathes.


  • Once at school, she bought pizza at lunch for $1, but had to go to the bathroom and asked her friend to hold it. Her friend dropped it cheese side down, but Ame ate it anyway because it was a good deal


  • When her grandma was younger she liked to mess around with other women’s husbands, with the result that someone cursed her family line. However, this also caused Ame to be exceptionally lucky. Ame describes luck as her highest stat.

and more…

Amelia fills a role as kind of the wildcard of HoloEN. Never taking herself too seriously, she’s attracted a great many fans from people that enjoy her sense of humor.

This makes Amelia a good waifu for those who like the “manic pixie dream girl” archetype and like their waifus clumsy, a little inept, but ultimately too cute to deny.



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