Holo no Graffiti Special: The Beginning of the End

Holo no Graffiti

Cover Corp has released a special episode of Holo no Graffiti featuring the idols of Hololive.

This week’s episode titled The Beginnings of the End is a special episode starring Tokino Sora from the “0th” generation of Hololive. Other girls feature, but only in flashbacks.

This week’s episode is a special recap, where Sora explains all the various ways that Hololive’s antics could have potentially ended in an apocalypse (and one case where it actually did).

These top 10 potential apocalypses are accompanied with commentary by Sora and a countdown of just when things pass the tipping point of disaster.

So what threat does Hololive pose to the world? Which members are most likely to bring an end to life as we know it?

The special episode of Holo no Graffiti: The Beginnings of the End can be found below.

The Hololive web series Holo no Graffiti is released in Japanese with English, Indonesian, and Spanish subtitles made available via YouTube’s closed captioning.



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