HoloEN Council Debuts Today, Original Postponement Only 24 Hours

Holoen Council Hololive

The second generation of Hololive English, called HoloEN Council, will debut today after an initial postponement.

Originally meant to debut yesterday, HoloEN Council will make their debut on August 23rd. The times announced are in JST however which is 13 hours ahead of EST. Meaning the new idols will debut Sunday afternoon in the United States.

Previously we reported that the debut was delayed “indefinitely” due to the opaque way the situation was reported by Cover Corp. At the time it was unclear what reason caused the delay and no new dates and times had been announced.

Thankfully the delay was only a single day and those who waited to see the Council yesterday will get their chance before the weekend is through.

As previously reported, the new Vtubers are themed around elements of the universe. These include Ceres Fauna (Nature), Tsukumo Sana (Space), Hakos Baelz (Chaos), Ouro Kronii (Time), and Nanashi Mumei (Civilization). While the girls have yet to debut, fan-art has been overwhelming on social media.

Image: Twitter



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