HoloEN Council Debut Postponed Indefinitely

Hololive English Council

The awaited debut of the second generation of Hololive English, dubbed HoloEN Council, has been postponed indefinitely.

The delay is a result of “unforeseen circumstances” according the Cover Corp in tweets explaining the delay. The girls of HoloEN Council were expected to premiere on August 22nd in JST; which would have been the 21st in most cases in North America.

Speculatively, these circumstances prevent a new date from even being decided at the time of publishing as Cover Corp says: “We will announce the new date as soon as it can be decided”.

As such, Cover Corp has yet to make any announcements regarding the delay of HoloEN Council in terms of reasoning or future debut dates.

As previously reported, the new Vtubers are themed around elements of the universe. These include Ceres Fauna (Nature), Tsukumo Sana (Space), Hakos Baelz (Chaos), Ouro Kronii (Time), and Nanashi Mumei (Civilization). While the girls have yet to debut, fan-art has been overwhelming on social media.

Image: Twitter



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