5000-Year Old Herbivorous Dragon Anime Adaptation Announced

Herbivore Dragon

An anime adaptation of the light novel and manga series 5000-Year Old Herbivorous Dragon (Yowai 5000-nen no Soushoku Dragon, Iwarenaki Jaryuu Nintei) has been announced.

The 5000-Year Old Herbivorous Dragon follows the story of a legendary evil dragon. But his reputation betrays his personality and in fact the great dragon has no interest in humans beyond wanting to live comfortably in his cave.

A village outside the dragon’s cave decides that in order to appease the terrifying beast, they must sacrifice a young girl to him. When the girl enters the cave, the dragon has no interest in the girl. However the young girl is resolved to sacrifice herself to save the village.

In order to get her to leave, the dragon lies to her and says he consumed a portion of her soul to honor the bargain. However despite doing nothing the girl awakens to powerful magic and mistakenly believes it to be the power of the dragon now that he’s “consumed her soul”.

The misunderstandings keep piling and the dragon finds himself the figurehead of a rebellion against the demon king. When in truth, he’s just being dragged along by his new “disciple”, the young girl whose power actually has nothing to do with him.

Despite the series origins as a Japanese web novel; the anime is being produced by the Chinese company bilibili and animated by Lan Studio.


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